#1 Attaching files by johnsd 09.06.2010 11:43

I want to attach a file to a posting. I have apparently uploaded the file ( an .xls) but cannot see how to get it attached to my message. Can you help with some step-by-step instructions, please?

#2 RE: Attaching files by Pam 09.06.2010 14:03

Hi Johnsd,

if you can see the file name in your upload window, the upload was successful. Just close the window afterwards, write your message and submit the post - attachment should be attached automatically. If the upload is not working- due to unsecure file formats for example - just try to pack the file as a ZIP compressed file and upload it again. Hope that helps, cheers.

#3 RE: Attaching files by johnsd 09.06.2010 17:13

Yes Pam, that worked - many thanks. It is not obvious that completing the upload has actually attached the file and then the attachment window has to be manually closed. It would help if a button appeared that said 'file(s) attached, now return to posting screen' or some such. Clicking on the button should then cause the attachment window to close.

#4 RE: Attaching files by Pam 09.06.2010 17:26

Hey Johnsd,

that's actually true, would be good for the usability! If you're keen, please post your suggestions into the forum: Feature requests User experience and feature requests help us getting better and to improve the software, thx.

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