#1 Banning by Dave 05.07.2010 19:10

Hello everyone!

I have a question. I have just started a board, and i was wondering if it is possible to ban a troublesome user. Is this possible, and if so, how can i do this?


#2 RE: Banning by Pam 06.07.2010 12:38

Hi Dave and welcome to Xobor! ;)

To ban a user simply click on his or her user profile and select "Ban profile".

Furthermore you can ban several e-mail addresses, go to Admin->Preferences->Security and put the depending addresses on the e-mail blacklist. Your moderators can ban users as well, go to Admin->Users, assign a user as a moderator, set the moderator's permissions afterwards and select "This moderator is allowed to ban users". Hope that helped and good luck with your new forum!

#3 RE: Banning by Dave 06.07.2010 18:50

Hi Pam,

Thanks for the swift reply. I can say that Xobor is officially the quickest, most helpfull and easiest to use forum maker i have ever used. I used to use another site for my forum, but it was overrun by trolls, so i decided to start afresh here. Thanks for making Xobor easy to use!
But, just a final question regarding banning. Is it possible to ban a user via the admin panel, and can you IP ban someone?



#4 RE: Banning by Pam 08.07.2010 11:56

Hi Dave,

thx for your positive feedback which we appreciated very much!

It is also possible to ban an user via the admin panel. First go to Admin->Users->Home, create a new user group e.g. called Banned. Remove all the read- and write permissions for forums, signature etc. Afterwards have a look for the user you want to ban, click on the username and move him to the new group "Banned". Following go to Admin->Users->Groups, scroll down to the bottom to "Which user group is chosen automatically?" and select for "Banned members" your new user groups.

I'm afraid, but IP banning is not possible. Anyway it makes no sense because IP addresses are changing so often and it is easy to get another IP address with a proxy server for example. To make your forum as safe as you can use captcha codes for registration and activate new members after their verification by e-mail.

#5 RE: Banning by Dave 08.07.2010 16:59

Hi Pam,

Thanks for the swift reply once again. For me, it is easier to ban a user via the admin panel (especially as it is easily reachable when im tweeking things around).
Also, thanks for the info about making the banned group, i will do that very soon.
I also understand the situation with proxies and changing IP's, so i will activate the codes and email activate users.
Once again, thanks for providing this great service!

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