#1 List help by Skullmaker90 07.07.2010 07:37

Hello, i am currently in a pickle. whenever i try to make a post with a list or and unordered list in html the numbers or dots are always off to the left of the post and i cant see them b.c of the background. plz help.

#2 RE: List help by Pam 09.07.2010 11:09

Hi Skullmaker90,

could you please post a link or a screen shot of the problem? Board number (123456.xobor.com) will be helpful as well, thx ;)

#3 RE: List help by Skullmaker90 09.07.2010 21:41


Thnx for the quick reply.
and my board is http://524056.xobor.com/

Thank You.

#4 RE: List help by Ingmar 12.07.2010 16:50



As a quick workaround you could define a div with a margin and place your list-element in it:

<div style="margin-left:30px">
-- your list

That should move the list 30 Pixels to the left...

#5 RE: List help by Skullmaker90 12.07.2010 17:54

It worked thank you very much.

#6 RE: List help by Ingmar 13.07.2010 11:46


No problem.

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