#1 Response Times. by PaudieN1 07.08.2010 13:47

Don't hate me for this, but can you please improve your response times, to questions? The board claims that we will have our issues resolved almost instantly. Yet, I have been waiting almost 24 hours (and counting) to resolve a problem that I have about stats.de. Don't kill me!

#2 RE: Response Times. by Spinosaur King 07.08.2010 14:29

Xobor are very buisy Paudie.
They only have one technician here to help, and he is involved in the improvement of Xobor's services.
We just had an update to the software, which is why he has not been online.

#3 RE: Response Times. by PaudieN1 07.08.2010 22:34

Update? O_O

#4 RE: Response Times. by Spinosaur King 07.08.2010 23:30

Xobor are constantly tweaking the features, for example, now IP banning is allowed (this was implemnted at the most recent update, which came online yesterday i believe).

#5 RE: Response Times. by Ingmar 13.08.2010 12:52


Hi Paudie,
I'm sorry if you had to wait for a response. As Spinosaur King mentioned, we are kind of in the middle of a "transition phase" here at Xobor. Our staff member "Pam" was responsible for our english support forum and we haven't really filled that gap since she left us last month.
I'm the head web developer here at Xobor and I'm responsible for all Template-Updates and Xobor/Homepagemodules Websites which is why I admittedly don't have the time to help you guys with custom HTML-problems in detail like Pam did.

However, I just turned on the "auto notifications" so I hope I'll be quicker to respond in the future

Update? O_O?

The current update mostly effected our german boards where we launched the beta for our new "Blog"-feature so I didn't post it here in the news section.

Other features implemented with the latest update were:
Print view for threads
Rights-management for custom pages

I'm afraid there are still some translations missing for the new features - we'll add them as soon as possible.

btw: this is the link to the print view:

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