#1 Friends / contacts by doc 22.08.2010 15:04

Hi guys is there a friends /contacts list avalible for my forum, members would like to have friends contacts availible if there is.
Or how can i do it?

#2 RE: Friends / contacts by Ingmar 23.08.2010 09:45


Hm, there's not really a friends-list feature. Since you don't have that many members yet, the member listing should be enough to find the profile of any member quickly?! Or what would you want to use the friendslist for?

#3 RE: Friends / contacts by doc 23.08.2010 15:58

thanks ingmar friend contact list will be for members to make friends and have who they want to be able to make friends with we will have possibly 200+ members shortly
we want to get the site lookin good before we invite the rest of our members.There are only moderators on the site at the moment.

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