#1 Bug in Maps ? by johnsulli 27.01.2011 14:08

Hi I have put the maps on my forum now at www.ccgforum.org (was at 540616.xobor.com) and have found that in the Places of Interest Section - Add a Location - "Ort Wahlen" (needs translation) Ort Wahlen and Koordinaten Eingeben these do not appear to work as I get an Error on Page displayed.

Is this a bug at your end ?



#2 RE: Bug in Maps ? by Ingmar 28.01.2011 17:33


Hi John,

yes, that was a bug on our end.

The Bug ist fixed, you should be able to add places again.

Translations for "Ort wählen" (→find by address) and "Koordinaten eingeben" (→enter coordinates) will be added shortly.

Thank you for reporting this!

#3 RE: Bug in Maps ? by Ingmar 08.02.2011 15:20


~missing translations have been added~

#4 RE: Bug in Maps ? by johnsulli 09.02.2011 09:27

Thanks Ingmar

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