#1 Time Bug by johnsulli 24.02.2011 00:01

Hi Ingmar

I have been on the Stats.de at 22:50 this evening and the stats show that they ended pematually an hour early for us in the UK so I do not know if it is Xobor or the Stats,de that is at fault, any idea.


#2 RE: Time Bug by Ingmar 24.02.2011 12:01


If you set your "default timezone" in Admin→Forum→Preferences correctly, then I'm afraid the Problem is with stats.de.

That seems plausible since obviously stats.de is a german service and they might be using a fixed timezone setting.
I don't think there's anything we can do about it...

#3 RE: Time Bug by johnsulli 24.02.2011 19:30

No problem Ingmar its not a big issue, thanks for all the help.



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