#1 More Smilie Bugs by johnsulli 15.03.2011 10:25

When inserting a smilie into a message I can usually only pick one of the smilies from the top row. If you try to go further down the rows of smilies the cursor goes off and you have to try again but cannot get past the first row. I have just tried it on the support forum board and everything seems OK but not on our forum. www.ccgforum.org


#2 RE: More Smilie Bugs by Ingmar 15.03.2011 14:58


I can't reproduce this problem in your forum...

What browser are you using?
Does the problem occur on any page where you can add smileys or is there a particular page where it doesn't work?

#3 RE: More Smilie Bugs by johnsulli 17.03.2011 17:55

Hi Ingmar it occurs in/on all the pages when replying to posts. In your example pic it looks as though you have not typed enough words as it inserts for me as well when the type is not underneath the smilies but when you have say two lines of text then the smilies below the first line can't be accessed.

I am using Explorer 8



#4 RE: More Smilie Bugs by Ingmar 18.03.2011 17:10


Thanks for the details - we'll finally be updating the Iconbar next week and if the problem persist I''ll have a closer look.

#5 RE: More Smilie Bugs by johnsulli 19.03.2011 00:40

Cheers... no problem


#6 RE: More Smilie Bugs by Archmage 19.03.2011 11:57

Hi John/Ingmar
Hope you don't mind me popping on with my two'pennorth - but the problem may well be related to speed of typing versus the "autosave" code running.

For instance, typing quickly results in autosave running faster, and if you go to pick a smile at the wrong moment autosave will cancel the action. It's something I've noted myself (http://205930.xobor.com/) from time to time and just got used to it

(Note I use Firefox 3.6.15)


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