#1 Hi translation help by offhand 14.01.2012 00:28


Please would anybody be able to help with some german translation, regarding the new chat feature which is really cool

#2 RE: Hi translation help by Ingmar 16.01.2012 13:05


I would

Just let me know which parts still need to be translated and I'll make sure it'll be fixed asap

#3 RE: Hi translation help by johnsulli 17.01.2012 20:30

I don't know if this would help with the translation but I am using Windows 7 and find that if I highlight the German text and right click to get a menu I scroll down to "tranlate using Bing" and usually find that's good enough.

Of course I suppose the guys at Xobor would rather have it translated with our help but it must be a lot of work to get it sorted in all different languages.

Still its one of the best forum providers around.

Regards John

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