#1 Virus question by Louise 17.05.2012 11:11

Hi - I got this mesage from a board member

No I only had the one tab open, looking at the Forum. I hit the notification at the band top right for new pictures added. The screen went white, it didn't even enter the Picture Gallery, then my anti-virus kicked in and blocked a virus trying to download.

Virus: Rogue;Win32/FakePAV
Message from anti-virus: This program is dangerous and executes commands from an attacker
Category: Trojan
Alert Level: Severe

Could this be a problem with the site or his own computer?

I clicked the same links and had no problems with it, my anti-virus didn't flag up anything.


#2 RE: Virus question by Ingmar 23.05.2012 16:33


Hi Louise,

3 possible reasons come to mind:

1) It's just a false alarm by an overeager virus-scanner
2) It's a problem with the member's computer
3) The problem is caused by an external Javascript that you are loading in your forum header or footer.

If you want me to have a quick look at it just post a link to your forum...

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