#1 user permsssions by serenaglynn 24.06.2012 15:52

How can i set members permissions to deleted their own posts please

#2 RE: user permsssions by Louise 24.06.2012 19:09

Admin panel - User Groups tab

Select the user group you want to edit, scroll down to 'access rights'

At the bottom of this section you can allow users to 'Edit own posts' and can set how long this right is enabled for (ie. never / 10 mins, 1 day or until the post is answered) then save the setting.

Hope this helped. :)

#3 RE: user permsssions by serenaglynn 25.06.2012 18:34

Thanks it did. Now another question, how do i make sure members dont set their profiles to hidden? Thanks!

#4 RE: user permsssions by Ingmar 26.06.2012 12:44


They can't

Only you as the adminsitrator have the right to decide who gets to see member profiles.

For each member group you can set the "Can see member profiles" option accordingly (Admin→Users→Click on group name to edit group rights)

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