#1 How to Change URL by playingeye 20.07.2012 09:37

I want to ask how i can Change my URL from 583946.xobor.com to KingdomInside.xobor.com

Please Help

#2 RE: How to Change URL by Ingmar 20.07.2012 12:47


I'm sorry but we do not offer custom subdomains for our English forums.

You're welcome to order a custom .com domain (i.e http://kingdominside.com/) for just 12€ per year.
You can find the domain regitration form in the Premium section of your forum''s administration panel.

#3 RE: How to Change URL by Proculopsis 04.08.2012 20:41


Here's a possible alternative - http://583946.xobor.com/t1f7-Forum-URL.html#msg1

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