#1 Baby boards? by akasha2411 19.09.2012 01:21

Hey guy's/ladies
Quick question: can you create baby-boards? and if yes how?
I'm very new to this and I kinda want to have a sub-folder within a forum to get all the related topic's grouped together.
I plan on creating a forum on royals and have a main board for the English royals with forums for each of the couple's and now I want to group the individual threads on the persons into sub-boards for each couple ya know
I know that at the forum I'm posting at the moment (an SMF) it's a possibility but I can't seem to find the 'add subforum' button in here

My place is 587762.xobor.com and I'm thinking of getting the pro-pack of 10€ but I wanna get the hang of this admin stuff first
Hope you guy's can help me.

#2 RE: Baby boards? by Alice 19.09.2012 09:50


Hi Akasha,

it`s very easy to create sub-folders, if you follow this path:

1. go to your admin (tab "forum") and click on the "+ New Forum" button (click on the image to see it more detailed)

2. Create the new category/folder you want to have, save it and it appears at a new forum

3. click on the new created forum and scroll to the box "Move forum in another category". Choose the new category and don't forget to save your changes.

4. Now the new forum is a sub-folder of the forum you had before. If you want to have a new main forum, click on "create a new category".

#3 RE: Baby boards? by akasha2411 19.09.2012 22:14

aha I see... so I make a new one and then attach it to the other one
Thanks For the fast response!

#4 RE: Baby boards? by akasha2411 20.09.2012 01:23

err second question: sorry for the bother..
I have a whole bunch of cute avatars but most of them are bigger then 100x100
Do i need to resize my avatars or is there away around those measurements?
And is that size rule different in the pro-version? (because in that case i won't bother adjusting all of my pic since i plan to buy that one anyway )

#5 RE: Baby boards? by Alice 20.09.2012 10:31


Hi akasha,

that's no problem.
You go to Admin -> Forum -> Preferences -> max. avatar size -> choose the size you want.

#6 RE: Baby boards? by akasha2411 20.09.2012 21:01

oh you're a doll!

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