#1 Unsafe site by Jude 21.03.2017 00:12


When logging in to the Forum a couple of members get the following message : "This connection is not secure. Logins entered here could be compromised." This seems to be when they are using Firefox, can you explain why this could be happening ?

Thank you.

#2 RE: Unsafe site by Alice 22.03.2017 12:01


Hello Jude, for further information please click on the "Learn more" link.
At the moment, we just have https for german boards, but we're working on it, to give it to english boards, too.
Will take a while.

#3 RE: Unsafe site by Uff 07.05.2017 15:54

Any more news on this question, please? One of my members is querying the 'i' and unsafe site now. He is also asking what it takes to make a site safe.

#4 RE: Unsafe site by Uff 17.05.2017 16:06

Anyone answering please?

#5 RE: Unsafe site by Alice 22.06.2017 09:57


Hi Uff, I'm sorry to say, there is no further progress for https on english boards.

Edit: I've talked to a technican about this and we'll check up the english admins. The https is just working for own domains, though.

#6 RE: Unsafe site by Easy T 08.09.2017 17:41

With an October deadline for Chrome Browser are you any further forward?

#7 RE: Unsafe site by Ingmar 19.09.2017 15:23


Unfortunately we will not be able to offer SSL/https for our free forums in the near future.

We will however add full ssl support to the features of our cheapes premium rate (basic) starting next month.

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