#1 Unable To Attach Images To Posts. by Voltman 05.04.2017 09:03



A few days ago a member reported being unable to attach images to their posts.

I have tested the entire forum in this regard, using a small jpg image, and find that just occasionally the image will upload.
For the majority of attempts, clicking the "Upload" button results in a white page with the upload form in the top left corner.
The German message below it says "Select another file" any further attempts result in a 404 Error, Page Not Found.

I have also noticed that our attachments level is at Zero percent.
It was at 2%, which was clearly incorrect, so I deleted a few large images hoping to reset the value to something more realistic but it went to zero.
We have 48 pages of attachments.

Can you please look into this with a view to correcting the fault.


#2 RE: Unable To Attach Images To Posts. by Alice 05.04.2017 13:45



thanks for the note, I'll ask a technican about this and come back to you.

#3 RE: Unable To Attach Images To Posts. by Ingmar 10.04.2017 13:41


Quote: Voltman wrote in post #1
A few days ago a member reported being unable to attach images to their posts.

Hi Voltman.

Is this still happening? If so, can you tell me which browser you used to upload the images - I can't seem to reproduce the error...

Regarding the space limitation: The calculation for the maximum storage allowed for your board is very customer friendly...
When we introduced the 100Mb space limitation for free forums, we "locked" your forum at the current space used and allowed 100 Mb on top of that. In your case the used space was around 2.5 Gb so your allowed space was set to 2.6 Gb. The file size check now does not actually check how much you have uploaded since the limitation, but rather checks the total space used. So if you were to delete 1Gb of your files, you could upload another Gb + 100 Mb again before the limit is hit.

The 0% simply state that your used disk space is still the same or less as when the file upload limit was introduced.

#4 RE: Unable To Attach Images To Posts. by Voltman 30.04.2017 12:44


Hello Ingmar,

Thank you for your attentions and the explanation. The original (decimal pointed) figure of 2.452Mb misled me as I assumed it meant 2.5Mb as opposed to 2.5Gb, neither figure being believable I guessed it was probably meant to be 245Mb.

After downloading all of our images, I found that attachments alone amounted to over 1Gb, which was a big surprise.
I subsequently trimmed a lot of old large files from the forum but the facility to upload new files still isn't working correctly.

I use Firefox 46.0.1 and Safari 10.1 on a MAC and know that other users are using MS IE on mostly Windows 10 machines.

This morning I successfully attached a 10Kb PNG, and a 163Kb JPG, using both browsers, but couldn't reliably repeat the exercise, most later attempts finally ending in Error 404 with this detail...
>> 205004.homepagemodules.de/upload.php?unique=86a168a101a68-5905babaad5c1&X-Progress-ID=1234 <<


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We are still having difficulty attaching images to our posts.
This morning an attempt to do so has taken me to a 404 page with this error message.

Oje ... hier wurde nichts gefunden! (Error 404)
>> h t t p : / / 205004.homepagemodules.de/upload.php?unique=86a163a76a171-5923ecaab5e4e&X-Progress-ID=1234 <<


#6 RE: Unable To Attach Images To Posts. by Voltman 01.07.2018 12:17



Could you please fix the error with our forum that prevents the uploading of attachments to posts.
Non of the members have been able to upload anything reliably for quite some time.

When uploading a photo to a post the browser address line shows the following address if the upload is going to be successful .....

And it shows this address if it is going to fail .....

When an upload fails it is usually just three seconds after clicking "Upload" and we are taken to a page with this address ....

When uploading to the picture gallery, which is always successful, we see this address ....

Upload to a post fails almost every time we try therefore it took many attempts for me to get all the address lines listed above.
I hope this information is of use to you in fixing the problem.

Voltman 205004

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