#1 The Thanks Button by Louise 02.05.2013 00:16

Hi, I have been asked by a member if it's possible to have the amount of time a member has been 'thanked' for a post to be recorded and displayed in their profile/beneath their avatar.


A lot of other forums have this and, if it's just a tickbox to enable, it would be a nice way to see how members progress, other than post-count. Like;

Billymadiker, 500 posts, thanked 487 times
Skotl, 6,000 posts, thanked 1 times

Is this something which could be considered for the future?

#2 RE: The Thanks Button by Alice 14.05.2013 08:22


Hi Louise,

thanks for the request. We will discuss this.

#3 RE: The Thanks Button by skotl 21.03.2014 03:26

I was going to request this, but spotted that it had already been raised.

It seems a shame that a well-used feature like "Thank You" cannot add more value. If each time a user was thanked, a counter was incremented and that was displayed by their avatar at each post, then that would allow members to add weight to that user's comments. It would also add some healthy competition - people are competitive on forums and want to be seen to achieve certain levels - being thanked by their peers is a very democratic way of achieving this.

Here is an example of how this looks on another forum (diynot.com, but many forums have "upvotes" / "thanks", etc for their members);

#4 RE: The Thanks Button by Rocky 04.07.2015 13:28

@Alice I think this would be a great feature if this could be added - like skotl has suggested. I know this is an old post, but i see this on other forums i use and its a good addition.


#5 RE: The Thanks Button by Alice 06.07.2015 10:23


@Rocky click on the "show info" link under your avatar on the left side of your post.

I will translate the administration panel asap and write a news report for the update.

#6 RE: The Thanks Button by Rocky 06.07.2015 17:24

Hi Alice,

Yes i can see it works on this forum, would be brilliant if you could add this to the Admin panel so we can add this option to our forums :)

I will wait for the update, thank you veyry much for your help :)


#7 RE: The Thanks Button by Rocky 06.07.2015 17:28

@Alice I think it would be good in the Info box, if possible, to show how many Thanks you have given, and how many Thanks you have received

Such as below...

#8 RE: The Thanks Button by Alice 07.07.2015 10:09


It already is on your admin panel - later i post a news update with screenshots, to show you how to activate it.

#9 RE: The Thanks Button by Rocky 07.07.2015 17:02

Hi Alice,

Thanks for the update and the screenshots.

I followed the screenshots and it worked a treat. Looks good!
However i then changed the 'ThankYou' to 'Thanks' so it shows next to the persons username, for example....

Thanks - 10

However since i changed the wording from ThankYou to Thanks, it is only showing Thanks next to some members, and on others it is missing. I have been thanked 20 odd times and it is missing from mine (Admin). Also 2 members who have lots of Thanks, it is showing for one of them, but not the other.


#10 RE: The Thanks Button by Rocky 07.07.2015 17:35

Don't worry Alice, seems to be working OK at the moment, maybe after changing the settings it took a while to take effect :)

Thank you

#11 RE: The Thanks Button by Alice 08.07.2015 08:27


Yeah, I think that, too. Glad it works now! =)

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