#1 please add arabic :\ by esrabh 10.10.2017 19:32


how i add arabic ?

#2 RE: please add arabic :\ by Techrom 21.10.2017 00:22


You could add Arabic language to your forum through Importing a language or translating an existing language through
Admin - Template Development - language.
Hope it works.

#3 RE: please add arabic :\ by Georgia Fitzgibbons 29.01.2018 12:05

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#4 RE: please add arabic :\ by esrabh 23.03.2018 02:42


they only have Deutsch and English
how i can add arabic in this site

#5 RE: please add arabic :\ by Wolf HD 29.07.2018 15:26


Go to Administration >> Template development >> Languages>> click Copy language from english or deutsch, next, rename with u language,. Arabic, and click create element to change, you can change that one be one with google translate. but this will take a long time because. there are 2000 language elements that you need to change.