#1 Is there a way to fix this? by Desert Rose 07.10.2013 02:04

I made a role play board..... and It is really cool and all...... but I like to center or align text, and make it certain sizes and stuff like I do on other sites. But I don't know anything about coding and do not plan on learning, on other sizes there are buttons to make these actions happen just like how there are buttons for bold, italics, and spoilers. Is there a way for me to add these buttons to my board? if not, could someone add them?

#2 RE: Is there a way to fix this? by Alice 07.10.2013 07:24


Hello desert rose,

please go to admin → layout → iconbar and open the folder "not visible" to check all the bbcodes your forum already have (for example a code for center).
To get them visible, take them via drag and drop and pull them to the visible part of your iconbar.
Remember the codes don't have to be visible to be used - you just have to know how there were written.

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