#1 Avatar Gallery by Men In Black 20.03.2014 22:33

I've just tried the website avatar gallery feature, where members can choose their avatar from the gallery I (the admin) create. I have placed several URLs to a bunch of pictures which do not exceed the maximum resolution allowed; the pics do show up in the gallery as they are supposed to, but when I try to use any of the avatars in the gallery I get this red error message "Avatar could not be saved. ( )". I've tried with both Ultraimg and flickr services, both failed, any idea why this is happening?
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Thank you kindly!

#2 RE: Avatar Gallery by Alice 21.03.2014 09:12


Do you use the picture gallery for that or place the links in admin → users → profile settings?

#3 RE: Avatar Gallery by Men In Black 21.03.2014 16:23

I place the links (images are uploaded on external websites) in admin → users → profile settings.

#4 RE: Avatar Gallery by Alice 25.03.2014 08:55



I tested it in your forum and can reproduce the problem. I'll pass this to a technican.

#5 RE: Avatar Gallery by Ingmar 27.03.2014 18:26



this seems to be an error that only occurs in Chrome.

Will be fixed with the next update.

If you need to change your avatar before the update please use firefox or internet explorer.

#6 RE: Avatar Gallery by Men In Black 29.03.2014 22:30

Thank you! I've tried with Opera, but since the new Opera is technically a clone of Chrome, it makes sense.

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