#1 zip code/city???? by tiggeriffic 07.04.2010 23:56

HELP im trying to fill in the form to create my personal domain its asking for my zip code? Im putting in my Uk code but its not accepting this or my city?????? A German phrase is popping up under it.

#2 RE: zip code/city???? by Pam 08.04.2010 09:46

Hey tiggeriffic,
could you please post or PM your board number (123456.xobor.com)? I'll have a look then, thx.

#3 RE: zip code/city???? by tiggeriffic 10.04.2010 23:28

Hi i have been back on and attempted to put my uk postcode in. Stiill unable to work this out. All i want to do is register my own domain under my own chosen name. A German phrase is popping up. No English person is going to understand this. My domain is 517068. This delaying me please hurry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#4 RE: zip code/city???? by Pam 12.04.2010 10:15

Hi tiggeriffic,
we will try to fix this problem probably with the next update (don't have a date for this right now, sry). Another suggestion: put another ZIP code in the depending field (e.g. 000000), write the right postcode in your street or city field, we will correct your order afterwards in our system. At least it is possible to make a order then

~fixed and closed~

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