#1 Please help! by Dammond 15.04.2010 19:17

I run an xobor forum, and wish to put in a header. I have a hosted .jpeg file, and I wish to use it. please explain, how. HTML is not my thing.

Thanks in advance !

#2 RE: Please help! by Archmage 18.04.2010 13:00

How to add or alter a ‘Header’ to the forum....

1. Click ‘Admin’
2. Click the Layout tab
3. Click the Header and Footer section
Any text entered into the header or footer boxes will be displayed above or below all the forum pages. Note that to get the text to format the way you want it to be – you have to use html code! This is not difficult, and there are some links to other sites that show how to do it ;).

Any banner image that you want to put up has to be uploaded to the forum first. This is easy to do, as you just click the ‘Upload images to use in the forum’ hyperlink and follow the prompts in the window that opens. Note: the ‘Hochladen’ button means ‘upload’ ;).

Very important: Once the upload has ended you’ll see the pic to one side of the upload window and some html text along side it. You must copy that text and paste it into the header box, as once the upload window is closed you won’t be able to find out what the forum has named the banner image again!

#3 RE: Please help! by Dammond 22.04.2010 04:57

Thank you so much. I will definetly try this out.

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