#1 Ning closes down free networks? We don't. We stay free. by Pam 16.04.2010 17:29

Is Ning going to cut down it's free social networks We don’t.

Xobor stays free!.

We're surprised to hear that Ning is going to close down it's free social networks. An internal e-mail reached Techcrunch whichever spread the word. Thousands off Ning customers are unsettled what's happening with their communities in the near future. As the Ning CEO Jason Rosenthal announced in an E-Mail: "(…)We will phase out our free service. Existing free networks will have the opportunity to either convert to paying for premium services, or transition off of Ning."

So is Ning going to delete the existing free forums? Pay or move out? We hope for the Ning customers that the free forums won’t be just cut down; I mean what’s happening with all those - mostly all over a long time ling built - networks?

To all our customers who already asked...

Our service and forum software stays free! Unlimited storage space won’t be cut down! Widgets like picture gallery, map, calendar and more stay free, don’t worry, you can count on us!

Why we stay free, work together with you and won’t cut down the free unlimited storage space, the extras or our service:

First at all: improving our software permanently is one of our main goals. So how’s that going to work? Right, in collaboration with you - our customers. In our experience, customers using the free service are interested in developing the software with us, help each other and give us more ideas to make it even better for you. Through that we get great feedback, implement more useful functions, improve the service and give it right back to you - that’s the way it goes!

Why we stay free – a financial argument…

We’re on the market since 10 years, self-financed and never had been forced asking Venture Capitalists for money. That means we are a free and independent company, no investor comes along and says: "Give us our money back." So we’re not forced to change our strategy quite quickly as others have to due to, ahm, let's say, situations

Our strategy is...

- Having one of the fastest social community and forum software packages on the market
- Offering an independent and flexible template system
- Self-financed
- Free for our customers
- Unlimited storage space
- Free extras and widgets
- Free layouts
- Free support
- Business packages for those who order it

And of course: having the best customers in the world

If you have any question about that, please don’t hesitate to contact us, either here ín the forum or here, thank you.

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