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    • Lizzy has written a new post "Forum down" 09.25.2013

      For all I can tell about CSS or even div layouts, it's hard sometimes. I never use them as for div they might not match from one hosting site to another. It's a matter of compatibility or layouts in general.

      I'd suggest to keep all simple for xobor forum layouts, without anything complicated for CSS. BTW it isn't a good idea to use CSS from as for example MySpace layouts, because some bits wouldn't be compatible for xobor or hosting sites for forums and blogs. So think about it.

    • Lizzy has written a new post "Forum down" 09.25.2013

      For all I know there was an issue with forums recently. Mine is restored as I E-mailed to xobor staff.

      I don't use CSS, as I'm not crafty at that. Perhaps a CSS problem anyway. My advice would be to contact xobor staff via E-mail. Alice could tell you what to do or a xobor technician would check out your forum to fix and put under maintenance.

      If you aren't crrafty for CSS, it's better to leave that out. I know it from MySpace. Making a nice layout without CSS is very easy.

    • Lizzy has written a new post "Super great forum hosting site !" 09.25.2013

      Hello Men In Black !

      I'm French and heard of xobor.com thanks to the admin-founder of the official Fields of the Nephilim forum (from google you'll find, it's called newgolddawn dot com)

      I've known forumotion in 2011-2012 : they got some super settings as well but their profiles features are weird, when you disable there memberslist view, well no forum member can view their own profile...

      I used the xobor blog feature at the beginning but for some members wanting to use it, they got confused with categories and such and it's a bit messy... like the Picture Gallery now with pics "save as" HTML (???), no longer as pics but I got the trick from Firefox source page on how to re-download a pic from the Gallery.

      The Picture Gallery is highly cherished at my forum as a few members got a Only for adults section with erotic or even porny pics, and their forum section is password protected. The Photo Gallery at my forum can't be viewed at all by non-members or some members. We don't like useless "reports" while at other photo hosting sites you might get a bunch of "reports"' just for nipples shown or so.

      I have a free account still to my forum. I'd gladly go Premium but as I know from xobor staff, it's specific with bank transactions and because my daughter aged 21 got her PayPal hacked from an online game hacker I can't pay with PayPal myself anymore.

      I got a forum friend who told me that other forum hosting sites are a pain, as you need to download theirs settings or whatso, but they're less secure from hijacking issues (sending viruses, malware, etc.)

      Ah you seem to be Portugese (or Brazilian) ? Well I have a few with Portuguese or Brazilian origins and at my forum and at WordPress I support one Brazilian male model called Lucas Kittel (19 or 20 yrs old only...)

      Best wishes :)


    • Lizzy has written a new post "Harder CATCHA and for Dailymotion videos" 09.24.2013

      Hi Alice !

      As having been at MySpace and Facebook which I both left, I know how hard it is for CAPTCHAs. MySoace was safe to use while for Facebook that I left I got doubts (but I won't speak about this here).

      In fact you got to know that there are 'crafty' hackers or scammers who may get passwords from any site via some illegal tools and such. Thanks God, it's not so easy for them anymore to hijack a profile or account anywhere but measures need to be taken. Think about it at xobor for all about bot profiles or spam/scams. It's important but at my forum not all forum mebers may send me a PM or PM to other members. I have no other choice than setting some user groups for hard setting and it works - a bit complicated though. But spammers, scammers just can't post as they're all in the Guests users group and it works.

      Yes, now for the videos, it might be important, esp. for the popular ones. I know that for other vid hosting sites as for Only for adult or some TV channels, embedding via forum code is almost impossible. But a general forum code for vids would be fine all in all.

      Thanks again and have a nice day + thanks for helping for my forum which was down yesterday.

    • Lizzy has created the topic "Harder CATCHA and for Dailymotion videos". 09.24.2013

    • Lizzy has created the topic "Super great forum hosting site !". 09.24.2013

    • Lizzy has written a new post "Blogs" 08.19.2013

      Thank you Alice for telling me. I don't use the blog feature anymore. I had some issues with it. So I prefer sub-forums where I can deactivate HTML. On xobor blogs, people could possibly use HTML in 2012 but it's annoying for some codes.

      Again thank you ! my forum is safe and I do my best to keep it safe. I love it for the security measures for reading/posting, etc. Just awesome and OK for me for this tiny forum (only 200 members today, but I can't deal with spammers and bullies).

    • Lizzy has written a new post "Photo Gallery : is it a bug or is it new ?" 08.16.2013

      Basically, I think that this is quite normal as iframe is HTML and a sort od div code. For DM videos, to embed in posts (not in the Pic Gallery...), I had to create a code, precisely to avoid the use of iframe codes.

      Anyway it's no longer a big issue now for my forum. I got a little help to embed pics from the Gallery inside posts. And to save as, it's rather easy when you take only image URL without the IMG src tags and paste into another browser window to view, in fact as for Gif pics (which are more often HTML codes, if I'm right, because they're supposed to be animated).

      Thanks again.

    • Lizzy has written a new post "Photo Gallery : is it a bug or is it new ?" 08.14.2013

      Thanks for the reply here. In fact I wanted to embed a slideshow from slideful.com and on that same day as I had to enable HTML, the "problem" with Picture Gallery occured.

      Still I don't know if it's a pure coincidence, but when members and me post a Picture Gallery pic in a thread, all is very fine. We can save as. From the Picture Gallery, we got that transparent arrow and HTML link, but as I know HTML well from MySpace, I know how to get a pic resized to its original format. From Firefox there's a possibility also to save a photo from page source with the correct IMG direct link.

      I was asking the question here, because I inserted a slideshow iframe code some days ago - it's something I can either convert into Gif animated pic or into Dailymotion video, for which I inserted a code at my forum. Now I removed the slideshow as iframe code and deactivated HTML codes at my forum. So I may go for either DM videos or Gif pics as file attachment.

      Just letting you know again, because did my inserting of a slideshow iframe code (HTML) affect the changes in my Picture Gallery ? If not, it's really OK. But now I removed this slideshow as said and it's up ad Dailymotion video, because I'm at Dailymotion with a video channel there.

    • Lizzy has written a new post "Blogs" 08.07.2013

      I stopped using the blog feature. Instead, I created a forum category called Forum blogs with sub-forums for members who requested to have their own sub-forum. Plus as admin I can add a password for any sub-forum. It's easier to deal with. It's my opinion.

    • Lizzy has created the topic "Photo Gallery : is it a bug or is it new ?". 08.07.2013

    • Lizzy has written a new post "Bug with the Sending of Newsletters" 07.15.2013

      I hope you don't mind me popping in in this thread. I don't have the Newsletter feature but since the beginning of July, notifications by E-mail aren't received even not by me when a new member registers and needs activation of their account.

      I suspect it can't be just a problem with some providers. I do use still the usual E-mail/Internet company in France which is Orange and alternatively voila.fr

      Anyway I posted a temporary thread at my forum here : http://576395.xobor.com/t1249f178-xobor-...port-forum.html

      Other than this, sending PMs works fine, for forum members who have permission from me as admin.

    • Lizzy has written a new post "Is it a bug ? No notification E-mails sent or received" 07.15.2013

      Thank you very much Alice. I first thought it would be because some weeks ago I switched from wanadoo.fr to orange.fr for one E-mail address (to my forum admin account) but it seems to be general for members not using this French providing company.

      Have a nice week !

    • Lizzy has written a new post "Upload problem" 03.22.2013

      I fear there's still a problem with Picture Gallery things from time to time.

    • Lizzy has written a new post "Upload problem" 03.21.2013

      You're welcome Alice. I think that for now all is better on my own end. I got a testing sub-forum only for me to test all to see what it gives : so I'd know if it's just me or a general bug or such. For the pics issues, it only happened from about two months ago, but thanks for your help too in return.

    • Lizzy has written a new post "Upload problem" 03.18.2013

      What kind of feature isn't working for you :

      - Picture Gallery for photo albums
      - File attachments ?

      It's the second time I got issues to upload photos to my Picture Gallery with the "frame" totally empty and the waiting wheel turning. I was worried because myself and a few selected members do upload Only for adults photos for a password protected sub-forum. But there was no "bad report" for our posts.

      I guess it might be general xobor.com site maintenance from time to time or perhaps a few minor server issues.

      If it's file attachment, read again about the file extensions supported. They need all to be less than 2 Mb, each. If they're of superior size, no chance to have them uploaded. If all is quite OK for you for extensions and file size you use, maybe a little glitch.

      File attachments do work fine for me. Just two times the Picture Gallery was buggy, but I truly need this feature at my forum.

      I hope it helps.



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