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    • Ingmar has written a new post "Cannot login to board" 05.12.2019

      Sorry, this will be fixed tomorrow.
      You can log in to the admin panel (http://yourforum.xobor.com/admin/), navigate to Layout→Advertising and change the ad placement to "above the forum" until the fix is online.

    • Ingmar has written a new post "REQ a new feature" 11.01.2017

      Thanks for the request.

      This will not be implemented however since an option like this would have very negative effects for the admin regarding the legal accountablity for member posts

    • A referal system would be nice - i'll add it to our internal todo-list and maybe it will be added with a future update.

    • Ingmar has written a new post "how to create a sidebar " 09.19.2017

      To edit the templates, navigate to "admin→template development" and create your own template copy.
      Then you can edit all the template pages directly to add any feature you might need. HTML/JS/CSS skills are required!

    • Ingmar has written a new post "my donation page in german" 09.19.2017

      As with the vip option the donations are not available in English, yet

    • Ingmar has written a new post "Album Options not work" 09.19.2017

      Sorry I have no idea what you mean.

      Next to an album, click on album options→delete album.
      If that doesn't work for you, please provide more detail.

    • Ingmar has written a new post "post count profile" 09.19.2017

      I couldn't say.
      If this problem still exists please provide more details as to how we can reproduce it.

    • Ingmar has written a new post "post thread moderation" 09.19.2017

      How to moderate thread in some particular category before general viewing.

      What do you mean by this? You want to check new topics before the are visible to the rest of the members?
      That is not possible with our software.

      And how to let a member upgrade to vip.

      Unless you speak German you should not be using the VIP-Feature yet. It's still in beta phase and has not been translated.

    • Ingmar has written a new post "Prompt answer to queries and problems" 09.19.2017

      Sorry guys unfortunately Alice is no longer working with us and we have yet to find a replacement for her. That is the reason why you haven't been getting replies in the last weeks.
      We currently have a new trainee and he will be moderating this forum starting next month.

      Until then, you can always contact us by mail (forum@miranus.com) if you are having technical issues.

    • Ingmar has written a new post "Unsafe site" 09.19.2017

      Unfortunately we will not be able to offer SSL/https for our free forums in the near future.

      We will however add full ssl support to the features of our cheapes premium rate (basic) starting next month.

    • Ingmar has written a new post "Edit & Delete In Talk" 09.19.2017

      Is this a browser related Problem? Or a general error when browsing the talk with a mobile device?

    • Ingmar has written a new post "Unable To Attach Images To Posts." 04.10.2017

      Quote: Voltman wrote in post #1
      A few days ago a member reported being unable to attach images to their posts.

      Hi Voltman.

      Is this still happening? If so, can you tell me which browser you used to upload the images - I can't seem to reproduce the error...

      Regarding the space limitation: The calculation for the maximum storage allowed for your board is very customer friendly...
      When we introduced the 100Mb space limitation for free forums, we "locked" your forum at the current space used and allowed 100 Mb on top of that. In your case the used space was around 2.5 Gb so your allowed space was set to 2.6 Gb. The file size check now does not actually check how much you have uploaded since the limitation, but rather checks the total space used. So if you were to delete 1Gb of your files, you could upload another Gb + 100 Mb again before the limit is hit.

      The 0% simply state that your used disk space is still the same or less as when the file upload limit was introduced.

    • Ingmar has written a new post "Help!!!!! My Forum Is Becoming Bullshit" 03.06.2017

      Quote: Techrom wrote in post #1
      Hi my forum. Is 777423 and many problem keep popping up
      Firstly I can't edit my forum member profile it will show the link like techrom. url//#no_permission_userprofile

      That sounds a lot like you are missing the rights to access member profiles for your group. You can edit the group rights in your forum adminsitration (Admin→Users→Click on group name)

      Quote: Techrom wrote in post #1
      Secondly since have edit my forum title as admin with html [Adminstrator] in redbackgroud html and [moderator] in blue background html all my post count from almost 85 became 0 and also my moderator

      I have no idea what the forum title would have to do with the post count for any of your members but you can edit the post count for each member by editing the member settings in your admin panel.

      Quote: Techrom wrote in post #1
      Thirdly my moderator right, they can edit it will only show the IP only have been working on it in admin panel but suck

      Again I'm not sure I understand the question but you can edit the mod rights in the admin panel by navigating to admin→user→moderators→click on mod name

      Quote: Techrom wrote in post #1
      Fourtly my once I click on my member list link or who is online link it show “you don't have permission to this page back to forum overview” only 777423 works forum standard name techrom.xobor does not works and my am directly getting traffic from standard forum link and many problem I will still post in the support forum please help me solve this problem and explain to me here thanks .

      See answer to first question.

    • Ingmar has written a new post "@tag not working " 03.06.2017


      As you can see the @-function ist working fine. If you need help with this issue please provide more details than "my member complain".

      What exactly is not working for your members?
      Can you reproduce the problem with your account?
      Whats your forum adress?

    • Ingmar has written a new post "Statistics are missing in the admin menu" 03.06.2017

      Sorry for the late reply.
      The statistics where missing due to a server error. However, the problem was fixed the same day and your stats should be up and running again.

    • Ingmar has written a new post "Login Chapctha" 01.06.2017

      @Rino Sarema

      our login page work fine in all major browsers.

      If your browser does not show our captchas you may need to change your browser settings, get a new browser or contact the browser manufacturer.

    • Ingmar has written a new post "Only one image?" 11.04.2016

      Previews are working fine for me.
      Do you still have this error?

      If so, does it work here in this forum?

    • Ingmar has written a new post "english replaced by german" 06.17.2016

      The missing breadcrumb translations have just been added - if you find any more German bits please let us know.

    • Ingmar has written a new post "english replaced by german" 06.15.2016

      Hey guys - as you probably noticed some entries in the activity feed still are in German.
      We're working on it...



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