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    • Archmage has written a new post "sub-domain names" 06.05.2011

      Zitat von Ingmar
      Well, it's technically not really a problem - we've started giving out subdomain for our german boards (sub.xobor.de) a while back. However, I have no idea when it is planned to implement this for our english boards as well. I'm afraid it's not in the ToDo list for this summer.....

      Ah well, it was worth asking and thanks for taking the time to reply Ingmar

      Zitat von Ingmar
      ......Also, I'm afraid even when implemented, subdomains will only be available for new boards, not existing ones (at least that's how it was for the german boards)......

      Oh darn, with the better part of 26,000 posts on our board now that won't work

      Zitat von Ingmar
      register a custom .com Domain for just 12 Euros per year (Admin→Premium→Forum Address)...

      Been thinking about that for awhile Ingmar, but there are two stumbling blocks... The first is simply that I'll end up paying for it, getting the members to contribute won't fly as most are retired and on (low) limited incomes. The second is the choice of payment methods available. Money Transfer or PayPal both incur high charges, whereas a using a credit card does not..... Any chance of adding that as an option????

    • Archmage has written a new post "Update Iconbar" 03.23.2011

      Cheer Ingmar - nice

      One thing though -- clicking the 'hidden' link drops the colours etc down - there is no 'orange' - but there is two 'green'

    • Archmage has written a new post "More Smilie Bugs" 03.19.2011

      Hi John/Ingmar
      Hope you don't mind me popping on with my two'pennorth - but the problem may well be related to speed of typing versus the "autosave" code running.

      For instance, typing quickly results in autosave running faster, and if you go to pick a smile at the wrong moment autosave will cancel the action. It's something I've noted myself (http://205930.xobor.com/) from time to time and just got used to it

      (Note I use Firefox 3.6.15)


    • Archmage has written a new post "How can i find passwords for users on the forum" 01.07.2011

      Yeah, I've had this a few times to

      Tell them to go to the login page - enter their username - and click the "request new password" button. That's the easiest way, and saves wear and tear on us poor Admins

    • Archmage has written a new post "how do i remove registration form menu bar" 11.15.2010

      Even if you find a way to remove the registration link, the folks you invite will still have to register to join.

      Just control your users by having a sensible registration procedure ie: Admin - Users - Groups: Then under the "Activating New Members" section then select either....
      "Activate new members manually in the administration menu"
      "New members have to confirm the activation e-mail and be activated manually in the administration menu"
      That way folks can register, but their accounts will not be active until you activate them, and you have full control over who can join your board.

      You might want to consider giving different groups different read/write priviledges. Like stopping casual unregistered visitors from being able to read everything that's been posted. Or limiting what newly activated members can see and do until you trust them. Also you could put a "Mods Only" forum up, and limit read priviledges to only Mods.
      That lot is under Admin - Forum - Home, then click on each forum to take you to the individual 'Edit forum' pages to give the different groups different access

    • Archmage has written a new post "repeating posts" 11.05.2010

      Hi Phil, long time no chat.
      We get similar problems once in awhile, though its nothing so intelligent as word games.

      We tend to be a bunch of utter loonies on our board, and when the "Matriarch of the Forums" is offline for a day or two we get the cyber cards out and play 3 card brag etc. Now seeing as the 'cards' are only in our heads - along with the single malt scotch - and the effects of the forgoing - as well as trying to keep up with who says they've got what cards..... Lets just say that it gets surreal beyond belief and funny enough to choke yourself......... It is also VERY difficult to keep up wth the rate of chat, and so we get similar problems to yourself. Basically it comes down to who can type the fastest.

      We've found that the "Quick Reply" is the best way on those types of threads as it removes so much 'latency' from the process. But if you're up against a touch typist then you're toast anyway.

      As a fellow UK board founder/admin, I think we've gotta cut Ingmar and the gang some slack. I've been online under one 'nick' or another since before the World Wide Web came into being, and clearly remember using the Hayes dialup codes and modem phone couplers etc (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hayes_command_set). In all that time, I've never come across an organisation that's as good as xobor. Both in terms of the software itself and also the team keeping the whole thing running. Hopefully the team will give us what we'd like eventually, but in the meantime......

      FYI Phil - You think you're hard pressed now that you've dropped out of the number one spot on the Top 500? Well although we can't match you for post volume etc we're still doing very well compared to most of the boards in that list. And guess what? For some reason I can't figure out we've never even made it into the list (Hint - Ingmar)

    • Archmage has written a new post "member ranking" 07.16.2010

      Hi Phil,

      today is my last day at Xobor, so Ingmar will be the new Pam

      Really sorry to see you go Pam, you've been so helpful. Good luck to you wherever you're heading for.

    • Archmage has written a new post "Changing name" 07.13.2010

      Posted by Ingmar
      For our German customers we already offer the option to register a free Xobor Subdomain (i.e. yourname.xobor.de).
      We will start offering this service to our English-speaking customers soon.


      Then I think I'll be having some of that when it becomes available Ingmar.

      Thanks for the heads up

    • Archmage has written a new post "Changing name" 07.11.2010

      Posted by Socket
      Does anyone know?


      The individual forum URL's are just numbers assigned by xobors software at registration. Unlike some other free forum hosts xobor don't provide a way to create your own "XYZ.xobor.com" name.

      What you need to get a URL like that is your own domain name. Save for one thing - you won't be able to append it with "xobor.com" as that name belongs to our hosts.

      The simplest thing is to use xobors premium service to get what you want. Just one thing, it isn't free....

    • Archmage has written a new post "problems starting new forum" 07.03.2010

      Hi leisa.
      I'm guessing here, but the commonest error with 'captcha codes' is not using the upper or lowercase letters when copying. Hope you can get it sorted soon

    • Archmage has written a new post "Enable "Report Abuse" page?" 07.03.2010

      Hi there.
      See this thread link about a very similar enquiry.... Feedback and Report System

    • Archmage has written a new post "Admin panel changes?" 06.12.2010

      Zitat von Pam
      Edit: bug is fixed, hope everything is working now!

      It is indeed, many thanks to you and the team Pam


    • Archmage has written a new post "Admin panel changes?" 06.07.2010

      I can see that you've been busy Pam. My thanks for what you have got done so far, tis most appreciated.

      The quote button is now working on some posts - on some threads. I've tried to see a logical link between what does work and what doesn't, but failed dismally.

      I've kept my board members (or users if you prefer) up-to-date on it all, so no panic okay


    • Archmage has written a new post "Admin panel changes?" 06.04.2010

      Got to echo your comments as well Spinosaur King, and ask what happened? There is also a bug now present, where the post quote buttons no longer work. Instead of coming up with the users name and their post, it now comes up with --- quote=""]/quote] --- only with the missing "["brackets of course

      In short Pam -- Help!


    • Archmage has written a new post "Read posts" 05.27.2010

      Hi Phil
      Keeping a tab on post reads isn't possible the way you describe it, other than using the 'read' or 'hit' counter anyway.

      You can however get automatic email notifications when a new post is made to any thread, by 'subscribing' to it.... Scroll to the bottom of the thread, and click "Notify me when new posts arrive (subscribe)". You can unsubscribe from your profile...

      The latter is what we use on our community, as it makes it easy to keep up with interesting threads.

    • Archmage has written a new post "I cant remove members" 05.08.2010

      Admin -
      Users tab -
      Members -
      Click the 'edit' hyperlink alongside the name of the user you wish to delete
      Scroll down and click 'Delete User'

    • Archmage has written a new post "Forum thread tools" 05.03.2010

      Hi there.
      Not sure what you're asking here, as there's a video tag insertion button to click (then just enter the URL into the box provided) on the message too bar. In the case of this particular board - its to the left of the smilies icon.....

    • Archmage has written a new post "User titles" 04.30.2010

      Hi Mick...

      I suggest you make the image sizes to as small as possible, say not much bigger than a large icon. Or you may get trouble with the page formatting.

      Next, it’s a good idea to upload the images to xobor. When you do that, take a careful note of what the host has renamed the file to, including the full path. For instance – “<img src="http ://files.homepagemodules.de/?????/?????" width="???" height="??">”. Otherwise you won’t be able to find it again!

      Now go into Admin – ‘Users’ tab – then ‘Members’ in the ‘sections’ area beneath.

      This will bring up your Memberlist.

      Select a Mod or Admin name to change

      Now click the ‘edit’ hyperlink alongside the selected Mod or Admin name

      This will give the ‘member settings’ for that individual

      Click into the ‘User Title’ box, delete the image link already there, and paste in the image link that you want to use

      Now scroll down to ‘Auto user title’ --- click into the box marked ‘normal’ and change it to ‘not affected’ …. This will stop the title from altering with different post quantities, and will not be changeable by anyone other than Admins

      Scroll down and click Save - Most important that !

      Repeat for each Mod and Admin that you have….

      Hope this helps



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